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Situated in the hall formerly used by the defunct St Martin’s Boys Club, the objective of the club was to revive local boxing after the demise of the various local clubs including St Peter Port Boys Club, Delancey Progressive and St Martin’s.

The ABC’s first president was Mr S. G. Saunders and vice-president W. J. Rawlins-Duquemin. The secretary was George Saunders, treasurer L. A. Giles and general committee: Fred Damarell,
Harold Knight, Les Guille, Rex Ogier and Brian Knight. Les Guille was the club’s first trainer before, in later years, becoming a leading force in the Guernsey Dinner Boxing Club.

Three months later, at the end of January 1967, the Amalgamated staged its first show at its very own headquarters. It was a 100% junior tournament and providing a link with the modern-day committee, three Wickenden brothers were on the first bill comprising nine bouts. The club quickly became a success and at the time of the first show boasted 60 juniors and 27 seniors.
FORTY-SEVEN years on the club is in good health and still based at the same St Martin’s headquarters. The club has a strong coaching team and the current day president is Dave Hadlington. In recent times, the club has undergone a facelift and adopted the most modern of training facilities.



GABC Executive Committee

 dave h2

Dave Hadlington – President


John Fitzpatrick – Vice-President


Mandy Wickenden – Treasurer


Kerri Jehan – Secretary


Ben Duff – Head Coach


Rob Kerry – Welfare Officer


Billy Le Poullain  – Social Media


Sub Committee: Tom Duff, Clint Roberts, Steve Purtil, Gary De Carteret





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